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Alright, babies. I’ve never heard of this anime before today, and judging by the trailer’s views, neither have a lot of anime lovers. Reasons why everyone should watch it right now:

  • The main protagonists are a fine as hell lady of color and her mixed daughter
  • The main antagonist is a super fabulous woman of color, in an actual position of power, who rocks natural hair like a boss
  •  Michiko, the main character, is canonically bi and not a single fuck is given
  • The art is fucking perfect
  • There is an actual coherent and complex plot
  • All the main characters have a billion different costumes and they are all super cosplay worthy
  • There are two full seasons, both of which are already out~


The show is called Michiko & Hatchin and the first episode of the English Dub can be found in full right HERE.

The second is HERE. The third episode is right HERE.
And the whole seasons are available on Funimation and Amazon.




Day 8: Dust

Alias: Sooraya Qadir

Powers:  Dust can transform into a cloud of sand or dust. In this form she can propel herself through the air at great speeds. This form makes her particularly dangerous, as the microscopic edges of the sand particles act as tiny blades, stripping the flesh off an opponent. She can use this form to move through cracks and crevices, allowing her to venture where others may not be able to. According to several people, Dust’s dust form is very hard to detect and effect telepathically. Dust’s main weakness is water, but has also been shown to have a vulnerability to air. Even though Dust can control her dust cloud, it can be controlled by others who have abilities such as Telekinesis or Aerokinesis. Dust’s dust form is resistant to magic, according to Belasco. She is also weak against fire, as shown when she was turned into glass, as sand turns into glass at extreme heat.